{Free} Stress -Reducing Tool

Get clarity about tough decisions

Amanda mcpherson

How would you like a free and simple tool to use when you're stressed out or in a position of having to make a difficult decision?

Well, good news!  I'm about to give you a powerful tool for making decisions. It will free you of stress and boost your happiness meter. 

Now, the (kind of) bad news: This decision-making technique takes some guts. 

So, here's the deal; when faced with a dilemma, you basically have five options:

1. Accept the Situation

You don't spend time "wishing it were different."

2. Leave the Situation

You simply walk away, leaving the opportunity/relationship/environment behind. 

3. Change the Situation

You take action. You talk to your boss, you explain your feelings to your partner, you confront a friend about an issue you have, etc.

4. Change Your Perspective of the Situation

You pause and examine your situation from a new point of view. You "re-frame" your "problem" as an opportunity. 

5. Remain a Victim to the Situation

You decide to do none of the above and continue to feel angry, stressed, overwhelmed and helpless.

We've all taken each approach at some point, and usually, we take the same approach over and over again. (We're creatures of habit, after all.)

But here's the thing: You'll be most unhappy when you choose to do nothing. When you see your life as option-less, you'll wallow in your victimhood and concede your power to others and your circumstances. 

You. Have. Options.

No matter what difficulty life tosses you—and it will toss them at you regularly and with abandon—you always have power to choose how you respond. 

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Which of the five approaches—accept, leave, change, re-frame, remain a victim—is not an option? (Cross it off your list.)

2. Of the remaining four choices, which is also not an option? (Cross it off your list.)

3. Now, with the three approaches remaining, which seems the most likely to lead to happiness? (Circle this option.)

Once you've picked an approach, list the specific, concrete actions you need to take to make it a reality. Seriously. Pull out a piece of paper and write down the things you'd need to do. 

There you go! You now have a foolproof way to tackle any—and I mean any—problem. 

I want you to be happy. I'm convinced that this seemingly simple tactic can get you there quickly :) 

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